The Try Guys Built a Brand Loved by Millions by Not Being Afraid to Fail

The four friends are The Try Guys, creators of an award-winning comedy documentary series that has seen them get outside their comfort zones and try just about anything, from labor pain simulators to dog sledding in Alaska.

  • On June 18, the Try Guys will release their first book. It chronicles their experiences tackling their biggest insecurities through trial and a lot of error — and it’s titled The Hidden Power of Fucking Up.
  • “We want to keep that freshness of going into something with an open mind, being respectful, giving it your all. And if you totally suck at it, that’s OK. It’s not about how well you do it, it’s about you learning and trying something new.”
  • Check out the Try Guys’ five favorite videos below, and for the full conversation, take a listen to this episode of How Success Happens.