The elite dream of globalization and shared prosperity was a mirage fueled by debt. The mirage dissipated in 2008.

While the mirage is gone, the debt remains. The paths out of debt are dangerous at best, catastrophic at worst. The safest path involves structural reforms to overturn the elite consensus and return to neomercantilist policies to create jobs and growth inside the United States. The most dangerous path involves more of the same — […]

Now might be a good time to begin thinking about your own limiting beliefs, and how they keep you trapped in a comfort zone of your own design.

Don’t even take your own word at face value. Probe even the most obvious truths in your life to see if they hold up to scrutiny. As you get older, you are allowed to reexamine long-held beliefs to see if they still make sense in the context of your life. Watch the language you use […]