Customer Service vs. Customer Experience

Since you are helping a customer when they are in need of assistance, customer service is reactive. For example, answering a client within the same day when they have a question is an example of good customer service.

Customer experience on the other hand looks proactively at your customer’s complete journey with your company and crafts an experience that is pleasurable all the way through, from the experience they have on your website all the way through to how they pay you for your service.

  • Providing a great customer experience is where the smart companies and firms are winning the battle today.
  • Need proof? Just look at the taxi industry. Uber has pretty much obliterated it.
  • Uber looked at all of these inefficiencies and pain points in the customer journey and created an entirely new customer experience. In a slick mobile app, clicking a button summons a car, tracks it in real-time on your screen and automatically makes payment for you when your ride comes to an end. Rather than just looking at the car ride itself, Uber looked at every interaction in the customer journey and optimized it.
  • Smart companies are mapping out the ideal customer experience in every vertical and they are the ones winning the game today. Netflix with cable television. Airbnb with hotels.
  • A good customer experience is very much based on the feelings your customers have when they interact with you. You want those feelings to be positive and pleasurable with every single interaction. On top of that, a good customer experience today is based on how easy you make the journey for your customers.
  • 5 Steps for Crafting a Great Customer Experience: 1– Know your market and its pain points, 2– Identify the ultimate customer experience, 3– Map out all touch points & interactions, 4– Build your team around the customer experience, 5– Implement the right technology