Walmart’s New Delivery Service Will Put Groceries Directly in Your Fridge

The idea is that you can place an order on the Walmart app and a delivery-person — who has been with the company for at least a year — will bring the items to your home and do the rest.

  • The exact details of the security system that will be used haven’t been announced yet, but Walmart has said it will use “smart entry technology and a proprietary, wearable camera” to gain access to customers’ homes. The system will “[allow] customers to control access into their homes and [give] them the ability to watch the deliveries remotely,” so even the most security-conscious can keep an eye on their property.
  • The scheme is Walmart’s answer to Amazon, which launched its Key service last year. Amazon Key sidesteps package thieves by allowing delivery-people to access your house directly. Amazon can deliver to your garage or inside your front door if you have a compatible smart garage or smart lock (which starts at $200).
  • The company is also readying its own version of Amazon Go, the smart grocery store.