The consequence of instant gratification is the destruction of freedom, health, and choice.

Wealth, like health, isn’t easy and is cut from the same fabric. Their processes are identical. They both require discipline, sacrifice, persistence, commitment, and delayed gratification. If you can’t immunize yourself from the temptations of instant gratification, you’ll be hard pressed to find success in either health or wealth. Both demand a lifestyle shift from […]

The ruling class, being small and largely specialized, is motivated to think about its economic interests twenty-four hours a day. They are constantly at work trying to preserve and expand their privileges.

The ruling class, however, confronts one serious problem: how to persuade the productive majority, whose tribute or taxes it consumes, that its laws, regulations, and policies are beneficial; that is, that they coincide with the “public interest” or are designed to promote “the common good” or to optimize “social welfare.” Here is where the intellectuals […]

Wishing for or desiring something is futile without an inner compulsion for achieving it.

Such lack of compulsion, if not frankly acknowledge, can lead to great personal unhappiness. We have all met deeply unhappy souls muddling along in professions or careers for which they are patently unsuited. Worse yet, by continually wishing and never delivering, you risk denting your confidence, beginning a vicious downward spiral that appears to draw […]