9 Ways to Rewire Your Brain for Creativity

  1. Mindful observation (The world is full of interesting patterns and connections. Try to spot the relationships between things.)
  2. Change your environment (Sometimes a bustling atmosphere can do the trick, so try packing up your laptop and find a restaurant, café or even a park setting where you can work for a while.)
  3. Take a creative stroll (We all know a sedentary life is bad for your health, and it turns out exercise is also good for your creative thinking.)
  4. Recharge your curiosity (Start living a curiosity-driven life. What piques your interest? Delve into it; examine and research it. See where your line of thinking takes you.)
  5. Try some blue sky thinking (Free your mind and brainstorm without limitations.)
  6. Incorporate “design thinking” into your creative process (Because design thinking focuses on humans and understanding people’s needs, and then coming up with effective solutions to meet those needs, it can be applied to nearly any field. Generate lots of ideas and prototype them, so you become comfortable with failure. This forces you to keep your mind open, to try out many ideas early on, so you don’t get too invested in just one.)
  7. Practice creating (You can cultivate your creativity by challenging yourself to create every day, in whatever way speaks to you, whether that is writing, drawing, photography, painting, dancing, singing or creating music. Push past your first ideas; we often focus on concepts we already know. Creativity is a process that takes time and effort.)
  8. Take time to daydream (The key to using mind-wandering effectively is to direct it toward an area you’re looking for inspiration in. A few ways to create a daydreaming mind include going for a walk, taking a shower or bath, going for a bicycle ride or lying awake at night or in the morning.)
  9. Build a creative portfolio that inspires you (Are there certain blogs, books or videos that shake up your thinking and spur ideas? Are there activities that always seem to relax your mind and help you look at things in an unconventional way, such as journal writing, meditating or going for a run?)