Not many people today realize that the abandonment of the international gold standard and its replacement with a multitude of local paper money franchises under state control during the twentieth century constituted economic regression and not progress.

In order to deal with the inefficiency of partial barter, an active market in the various state monies has developed, the 24-hour, several-trillion-dollar-a-day foreign exchange market. Today’s public seems to consider this market the epitome of international free markets and uninhibited capital flows. This is a misconception. In fact, the global foreign exchange market essentially […]

A Paradox of Practice exists when someone promotes a moneymaking strategy but that strategy is not what made him or her rich in the first place. In other words, they are not the practitioners of their own advice.

These people effectively teach one wealth equation (the Slowlane) while they get rich leveraging another (the Fastlane). The Slowlane roadmap is sanctimoniously trumpeted by best-selling book authors who dispense financial advice through TV, radio, and books. The strategies they sell are a travesty of grand illusions. Do you seriously think these people are rich from […]

There are countless stories of people who did poorly in school or who failed to score very high on conventional IQ tests, who nonetheless performed at genius level later in life.

Genius is not a matter of good grades or high tests scores. It is instead reflected in your way of acting. If you act intelligently, you show you are smart. If you act stupidly, you are stupid, irrespective of you IQ or your academic record. Brian Tracy

About Guarantees

You ought to offer guarantees. If you can’t guarantee what you do or sell, find something better to offer… Weasel clauses kill guarantees… Clever wording makes ordinary guaranties extraordinary… Example: “If your friends don’t actually accuse you of having had a facelift, return the empty jar…” A Wine Club guarantee: “If you’re not completely satisfied […]

More money is of no benefit to society

In the case of all other goods and services, which necessarily have use-value, competition among existing or even potential competition from new producers of goods is essential for ensuring that the optimal number of goods is produced at the lowest possible cost. In the case of the medium of exchange the optimal amount already exists, […]