The key takeaway here is that over the long term, all commodity prices fluctuate around the average cost of production.

When a commodity such as hogs trades at significantly more than the cost of production, you can count on producers to flood the market to take advantage of those high prices. When the new product hits the market, it typically collapses the price, perhaps considerably below the cost of production. The market regularly goes from […]

Coronavirus came from a Chinese lab and no vaccine will ever cure it, declares renowned scientist

In his book entitled, Cina COVID 19: La Chimera che ha cambiato il Mondo, which translates as “China COVID 19: The chimera that changed the world,” Tritto explains how a People’s Liberation Army (PLA)-owned coronavirus was genetically modified to become the China Virus that is being reported around the world today. He says the novel virus […]

America, You’ve Been Blacklisted: McCarthyism Refashioned for a New Age (by John W. Whitehead)

It doesn’t even seem to matter what the issue is anymore (racism, Confederate monuments, Donald Trump, COVID-19, etc.): modern-day activists are busily tearing down monuments, demonizing historic figures, boycotting corporations for perceived political transgressions, and using their bully pulpit to terrorize the rest of the country into kowtowing to their demands. All the while, the American […]